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Friday, 25 April 2014

35 Best Search Engine Optimization Tips For Your Website

You should following these best SEO tips on your web pages make your keyword ranking as higher position on Search Engines. I separated the tricks in two level named higher and Medium priority.

Higher Priority :

  1. Create the design as user friendly to the search engine by hiring good Web Design company.
  2. Write great and unique content on your website.
  3. Always updating new content regarding you business and services.
  4. Create XML and HTML sitemap and upload on your websites
  5. Create robots.txt file
  6. Make good keyword phrase specific to your web pages.
  7. Choose popular keywords with good competition.
  8. Register Domain name with your keyword phrase.
  9. Insert the keywords in your website title tag.
  10. Insert the keyword phrase on your website inner page URL.
  11. Do not insert more that two keywords on your website content.
  12. Use your target keyword phrase on your content headline.
  13. Make anchor text link to your keywords on web page content.
  14. Get inbound links to your website from other website.
  15. Focus to get backinks from Reputable websites
  16. Focus to get backlinks from Similar websites
  17. Focus to get backlinks from .edu and .gov websites.
  18. Focus to get backlinks from high page rank and do-follow websites.
  19. Implement the effective link building methods to build more quality backlinks.
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Medium Priority

  1. Make attractive image with your website content.
  2. Use Your keywords at the top of HTML.
  3. Insert the keywords as ALT tag to your logo and banner image.
  4. Write a unique meta description.
  5. Insert your target keywords on your meta description.
  6. Don't over optimize the keywords on website content and meta data.
  7. Give a hyperlink to the image of you content.
  8. Maintain your web page up to date.
  9. Do not misspell your keywords in your website content. 
  10. Do not use more that 10 words in your website URL.
  11. Change the URL in Static format.
  12. Remove broken links from your websites.
  13. Strictly avoid duplicate contents .
  14. Avoid redirect to another domain.
  15. Avoid invisible text on your website.
  16. Avoid display the different content to a spider than a visitors.

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Monday, 21 April 2014

Differences Between Blogging and Micro-blogging

In this blog we are going to learn about what is blogging and micro-blogging and what are the distinguishes were between them.


Blogging is a type of online diary and people or blogger can post whatever they want to express the people though the content. There is no limited characters for content or description to explain the topic or general items. Blogging would have to explain the specific topic or segment which may also contain images and hyperlinks.

The blogger could be control user comments, and other people or blogger can able to followed those blog as subscribers, which means that they would get notifications via emails or messages whenever the blog owner posts a new article.Most of Web Design Company people and SEO people using this blogging techniques to briefly explaining those company services and business with the long content.


Micro-blogging is the short update of blogging that allows to only 140 characters to explain the detail in the format like twit. Twitter is the best example for micro-blogging. It is also called as nano blogging. We can not use the full length of URL in micro-blogging post. So we can choose the shorten URL.

If Micro-bloggers updating any status,that could be displayed those time line and also who are the members of his circle of friends.Most of business people using the techniques of Micro-blogging to promote their business products and services by make some attractive heading with shorten URL regarding those product details.

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Difference Between Blogging and Micro-blogging:

  • The first thing of difference is the characters limit. Usually a blogger have no limit of characters to explain the things in blogging sites. But micro-bloggers have restricted to limit of characters like 140-150. 
  • Blogger might be update the content two days once but micro-bloggers keeps updating minute by minute.
  • Some web 2.0 websites,blog creation websites are maintained by blogger for update the blog posts. Some social media network such as twitter,Facebook fan page,Linked In group,Pinterest etc are maintained by micro-bloggers for the purpose of micro-blogging.
  • Micro-blogging is the real time updating service and audience getting immediate information it the fraction of time.
  • Blogging would express the information with including pictures,diagram,hyperlinks,audio and video etc. But micro-blogging contains only two line of description or shorten URL.

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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

How To Maintain Your Website With Best Performance?

Having Good and effective website is essential for business especially for online and ecommerce business. Website is one of the best source to get the visitors as our customers to our business from the various countries. But if the website could not be maintain properly,it would lost it's quality, performance and making profits to the business. So maintaining the website is important for making business.

Simply having website is not good and enough for pull the consumers on your business. You should satisfied the consumers expectations and fulfill what they are looking in your website. So you should update some interesting information with best content and that content should make them to stay more time on your website. You can execute this by providing useful tips and information about topics related to your business on your website. 

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You should change the design of your website at 6 months once. Because People always like to see the new varieties of design with attractive colours. Even Search Engine also giving most preference to the design of website for giving top ranking result. You could change your website design by hiring the best Web Design Company.

Here I mentioned some tips to maintain the website :

  • Every day you should check, your website is open or not. Because some time website would be down due to server error or over loading on website.
  • Check all the inner page's URL it could be working properly or not and that link going to correct page.
  • Using the latest versions of HTML programming language will make your site more reliable & user friendly and will ensure that your site does not go down due to programming errors or other design issues.
  • You should keep the update regularly in your website. Because The main aim for maintaining your website is to keep your audience coming back and attracting new consumers. Every Day you should track and analysis your traffic of your website with the help of Google Analytics. Because statistics and analysis of your website traffic will help to know about how much your website reached among the people.
  • If your website having ecommerce business means,you might be add the new products and things in each day. So you should update the navigation for the new product and add it on your site map file.
  • Back up your website data: Its very important thing to your website. In case your website gets hacked or if the server crashed means you could retrieve your website by back up data. Even though the web hosting company and Web Design Companies says they backup the websites on their servers, their last backup could have been before your last modification.
  • Optimize Website Speed: Some time website take more loading time while open due to more data on server or website.So remove the unwanted files and improve the loading time of website. 

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Friday, 11 April 2014

Make Money Online Through Our Ecommerce Solutions

Zinavo Technologies is a best Ecommerce Web Development Company providing the quality services in ecommerce and magento development field. We have a team of 200+ skilled Magento and Ecommerce programmers and 7+ years of experience in Ecommerce Web design, Web development, Internet Marketing Industry. Our developers will lead you through out your ecommerce website creations including wide variety of Payment Gateway Solutions, shopping cart solutions and ecommerce design specific to your online business requirements.

website design companies

Our main goal is satisfy you expectations with all your requirements of the essential design, development and marketing services .As a consumer, you aim to reach as many customers as possible and reinforce your online presence. At our Web Design Company,we helps you engrave a niche with your customers by developing for your business, drastic , safe, secure and faster e-commerce software.

At Zinavo Technologies, we organize a reliable as well as secure shopping cart solution and payment gateway solution for your E-Commerce business. The shopping cart software allow you to accept credit cards and PayPal payments by integrating with over 50 payment gateways.

Zinavo Technologies - Magento Services:

  • Magento Website Development
  • Responsive Magento Theme Customization
  • Magento Theme Customization
  • Magento Module Implementation
  • Magento Payment Gateway Integration
  • PSD to Magento Conversion
  • Magento eCommerce Development
  • Magento Website Revamping/Redesigning
  • Bulk product Upload Magento
  • Magento SEO Optimization
  • Optimization: Increased server performance
  • Troubleshooting (Server load, Process optimization)
  • Magento Training One page checkout,Layer Navigation etc.

Reason for our Consumers choose us:

  • We make an on-line business for you, which tolerate your customers to have a fast and easy way to buy the products and payment process.
  • Our programmers take responsible to render an easy navigation making it simpler for your customers to find their desirable products.
  • Availability of easy payment gateways will be another benefit for your customers as we make it possible with ecommerce development services.
  • We will consolidate social media portals with the online business in order to offer you a best experience.
As affordable Web Development Companies,we are resolved to help you succeed,whether we work on a new project or installed online business, we excel in exceeding yours expectations in Magento Web Design and Customization. We understand the value of expend the latest technology to increase your profitability better than other. We providing the best in attributes and functionality while remaining completely customization and discuss your custom functionality needs and tailor a solution that matches your brand and ecommerce goals.

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Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Importance of Link Building Strategies in Search Engine Optimization

The major important for doing link building process is make the quality backlinks to our websites from others website. Backlinks means nothing but getting inbound links or inner links from other websites by placing our website URL in the format of anchor text on other websites or blogs. If we need to quality backlinks to out websites,then we should implement the daily activities of link building process to specified keywords. We could not neglect this link building process. The main reason is this is one of the immense factor of OFF page optimization in Search Engine Optimization and it plays an effective role to improve the keywords ranking of website on organic Search Engine Result Page. 

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List of Link Building Strategies:
  • Directory Submission
  • Search Engine Submission
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Blog Commenting
  • Article Submission
  • Classified Submission
  • Forum Posting
  • Blog Creation
  • Web 2.0 submission
  • RSS Submission
  • Wiki / Yahoo Answers
  • Guest Blogging
  • Document Submission
  • Press Release Submission
  • Yellow Page Submission
  • Hup Page and Squido Lens Creation
  • Image Submission
  • PPT Submission.

The main benefits of doing Link Building process is improve the link popularity and number of quality backlinks. Quantity is not considerable in Link Building. Quality only determines the good result. Quality backlinks only help to increase our website page rank as well as performance on Search engine visibility. Our Web Design Companies only concentrate to build the quality backlinks to your websites.We could easily index our website and all inner pages on Google Search Engine by the immense way of process. As well as we could improve our conversion rate of our website by the help of link building.

You should avoid post the link on unrelated websites. Only choose the relevant category and websites,otherwise it would be consider as spam. 

How to Identify a Good Link?

Mostly spam websites and low quality websites are wider on search engine. So,getting good links from the Search Engine list is very difficulties while doing link building methods. Good and quality links only come from the website which had been high page rank and dofollow websites. So we should choose that kind of website only for that process. Some of the tool available to analyze the website page rank and do-follow or no-follow things. So we could easily find the website quality by installing that tool on our web browsers. But most of high page rank website does not approve our links instantly. It could take time to moderate our links on their websites.

Google Web Master Tool is a good one to analyze you website backlink details. Because it shows only the list of backlinks which came from top quality websites and high page rank websites. You can use that websites as regular for link building purpose.

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